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Deep tissue massage:

Deep tissue massage in Bangalore pressure is harder than a spa massage, because the goal is the deeper muscle tissue. Strength of hand pressure on every inch of muscle will still be felt from 1 to 2 days after our massage. This massage is suitable for athletes who experience muscle tension in the area of ??the same body.

Classic Balinese boreh begins with a warm foot bath or full body. The water is added to the broth of ginger and manuka, and the client will be offered to taste two drinks: ginger tea and drink herbal Jami. Composition of herbs and spices stimulates blood circulation, helps the body warm-up prepares the person to the following procedures. After the bath, they proceed to a deep massage of the whole body.

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Recovery or vistseralny massage is a specialized technique handed influence on the internal organs and deep-lying tissues. Internal organs masiruyutstsa directly through the abdominal wall. Edit the abdomen combined with additional wellness practices: impact-dynamic massage, Yumeiho, Vacuum Cup massage, gouache, honey massage. It provides services instructor-methodologist of our center Amrtia Spa in Bangalore.

As a result of these procedures, there is a deep kneading massage with fat and connective tissue and lymphatic drainage, ie the removal of tissue metabolism and toxin products. At the heart of the massage mechanism of action are complex reflex, nervous, endocrine and metabolic processes regulated by the central nervous system. Massage affects the nerves of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, then stimulation is transmitted to the central nervous system, which then come the team to expand the blood vessels and blood flow.

Swedish massage:

Massage has been named the Swedish and from it were eventually developed different styles most of which are still applicable. Sweden’s most famous massage make the typical long movements that glide muscles, but the best effect is achieved by combining light touch, rubbing, kneading, tapping and cherry body. It starts gently smoothing muscles to relax them, and then moves amplify and prepare the body for more procedures to deal with all parts of the body, starting with the feet.

Swedish massage many feel painful, as it actually is, but if you are able to adapt to each person’s pain can be avoided or at least reduced. The massage effect on the major muscle groups after a few treatments are free of tension, thereby improving the mobility of joints and therefore the normal operation of certain parts of the body. In addition, the body is handled accumulated toxins and other waste products, and refreshed with oxygen.

As each body massage in Bangalore, and Swedish achieves better effects if it is in a pleasant, relaxing the ambient of the completed scents of various essential ulja. Already after the first treatment you will feel exceptional relaxation of the body and become you visit masseur usual monthly ritual, the body will restore lost flexibility and ease of movement.

Classic Swedish massage in Bangalore is performed for 30 min & 60 min. Swedish massage therapy was developed by the Swedish doctor Couple Henrik Ling in the late 19th century, and involves the use of hands, forearms and elbows to work on the surface muscles. Swedish massage is performed with massage oil and massage the back. The massage improve the blood circulation in the body and thereby positively influence your mood and health, even your immune system in order to strengthen.

When most people say the massage, they thought the Swedish massage, because it is the most common form of massage that is practiced in the West. Spas, fitness clubs, and even beauty salons usually offer Swedish massage as one of its services.

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Royal Thai massage:

Royal Thai massage, or a different “yoga massage” is a holistic system for the recovery of the body, which includes a set of methods to influence the muscle tissue: pressing, stretching, passive exercise, similar postures of yoga, the impact on the flexibility of the joints, reflexology, acupressure, as well as activation of the energy flow in the human body.

Since time immemorial, the impact on the human body was considered one of the most effective methods of getting rid of disease. Massage Masters were in every corner of the world, but all of them have developed their work system.

One of the best known and most effective was a classic Thai massage system. Today, many salons offer to take advantage of this service, and even invited to the work of masters from Thailand. This massage is considered one of the most ancient part of the manipulation was borrowed from the yogis who have devoted their lives to the knowledge of the body and soul of man. Such massage can dramatically change a person’s life, to save him from the disease without medical intervention, to raise the tone and return to the joy of life.

Oil Thai massage – Works well on the spiritual, physical and mental levels. The skin is nourished and rejuvenated under the influence of oil. This procedure is very well stimulates, tones, cleanses and rejuvenates. Oil is able to make the skin more supple, deeply penetrating into the pores, slow down the aging process and adjust.

Therapeutic Thai massage – is considered therapeutic massage view. The very system of healing is the following: it is necessary for a healthy person, the energy flowed freely through the body. In case of imbalance is the master channels rather painful method eliminates it.

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Lomi Lomi massage:

LOMI LOMI MASSAGE performed by one or two therapists who work with the thumbs, knuckles, hands forearms and elbows, drawing rhythmic “dance” movements throughout the body. The massage improves circulation, increases the flow of nutrients that feed the muscles, stimulates the lymphatic system to drain waste products, releases you from any anxiety, fear, anxiety and other negative emotions.

Overall Lomi-Lomi is unmatched. Lomi Lomi Massage, means “loving hands” and is one of the most relaxing in the world. It is an exotic massage that is applied to the entire body to the rhythm of the national music of Hawaii – Hula. Lomi-lomi is performed with slow flying presses on the muscles of the whole body. The masseur works with gentle caressing motion with his hands, forearms and elbows.

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Lomi-Lomi massage in Bangalore enhances the immune system and normalize metabolic processes. At first glance, is a light and graceful massage, but actually this Hawaiian ritual is capable only one session to achieve great effect by restoring the body’s energy. Massage relieves pain in your body, improves circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system to drain waste products.

The ancient Polynesians believed that harmony is achieved by the circulation of energy flow in the body. Any disease is the result of disharmony in our thoughts and emotions. The constant emotional strain block free flow of energy. By massage Lomi-Lomi remove these blockages and induce samolechebna procedure body. In this precisely lies healing. Accumulated negative emotions and tensions are removed and restored normal energy flow in the body.

Balinese massage:

Acquaintance with your female to male baliness body Massage, during which we will caress you with hot towels, feathers, fur and fragrant oils. The long version also uses lava stones to relax tense muscles, includes relaxing head massage or reflex foot massage, long grips, buttock massage and Taoist excitement techniques. Do not include Yoni’s intimate massage. Suitable for first acquaintance with tantra massages in Bangalore, and also as a gift.

Modern life demands that men are more labor output, responsibility, performance of the so-called male roles, so men today often live in a state of stress. Everyone needs a place where he could rest, relax, gain new energy and just stay a little longer himself. In our tantric temple you will receive the care and understanding, relax, will not worry about anything, will be able to focus on himself. Tantra and erotic massage in Bangalore offers you a new way to look at sexual arousal, is not the case, as is common in Western culture. Thanks to tantric techniques and affectionate treatment by masseuse Your excitement will be in waves rising and falling, you will feel it is not only in the groin, but also throughout the body. This is an exciting feeling fill you all, will make you forget about everyday problems. Treat yourself!

The main rule of the perfect lover – give the man what he needs. However, men are often reluctant to share with us the secret knowledge about the intricacies of their sexual nature, so that the act would have to empirically checking how your partner reacts to the affection of certain areas of the body.

Every Female is unique and unrepeatable, a universe unto itself made of emotions, thoughts and feelings. It ‘true that there are some things that unite us, such as the shapes of our bodies. We have identified five forms which, in broad terms, characterize the various female body types. The categories are: the rectangle, the triangle (also called “pear”), the inverted triangle (also called “Strawberry”), the hourglass and the oval (also called “apple” or “circle “).

The woman has oval round shapes in both the top and the bottom of the full body massage in Bangalore. The shoulders the sides have the same width, but also the waist tends to be rounded. strength of women with this body type are the legs, which look slim and slender. Our advice is to aim at reducing the waist and abdomen, as well as to enhance the roundness of the hips.

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