The Best Thai Massage in Bangalore

By | June 16, 2017

Thai massage.

In Bangalore, Alisha Body Spa is the best spa in offering this kind of massage. Others that offer this type of massage include; Bang Body SPA, Body Square, Pernia Spa & Angel Body Spa. These are the most renowned spa in Bangalore. Traditional Thai massage is a method of aligning the energies lines of the body.

This type of massage originated from Thailand as the name suggests. It is seen as a practical application of the Buddhist principle of ‘Metta’ (Wikipedia 1st June 2017). It consists of a series of interactive, flowing movements and rhythmic massage along all the body’s energy lines and pressure points.

This massage is linked with a number of benefits. First, it has unbeatable stretching. It is excellent for limbering up limbs for athletic performances and relieving deep muscles. Second, it improves mental wellbeing, this type of massage causes relaxation of the body.

Third, it reduces the levels of Cortisols, in our body there are hormones that facilitate stress or happiness. Such hormones are Cortisol which is a stress hormone and serotonin which is happy hormone.

Thai massage causes the cortisol hormone level to go down thus the person is stress free. Fourth, circulation of blood is much further improved by this kind of massage, this is brought about by causing relaxation of the blood vessel muscles. Last but not least, it causes reprogramming of the mind.

It increases delta wave frequency in our brains which is associated with deep rest and sleep. Though this massage is termed as the best massage, it also has its side effects but they are minor. One of this side effect is a slight soreness that is common after the massage. In Bangalore, the spa makes sure the needs of their customers are met. If not satisfied, one can comfortably claim a refund.