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By | July 8, 2017

Indiranagar Massage:

The Spa treatment is one among the best treatment for all age groups. Spa Alia is the best place to take Spa in Bangalore.

The Scientist has researched and find spa and massage are the treatment for most common problems human often suffered.

By taking spa regularly, we can improve blood circulation, reduce BB, reduce the body pain, reduce stress and tension, increase the immune and more advantages are available.

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Lots of spa treatment are available named Thai spa, Swedish Spa, Kerala Ayurvedic spa, Couple spa and more.

We have lots of young beautiful ladies to provide spa treatment for you. Only spa, spa with sex, Sandwich massage, and many other types are available.

Massage in Indiranagar Bangalore

Indiranagar is the most famous area in Bangalore. Most of the people often visit Indiranagar to get their need. We have a branch in all over Bangalore. Indiranagar branch is always special for us.

We don’t use the normal lotion, oil and powder to massage your body. All the products are imported and no side effects because of the natural products. Both Incall and outcall spa service are available here. What you need to do is call our customer care executive and book your date and time.

Best Foot massage in KR Puram (Bangalore)

Foot spas and foot baths are an excellent way to relax at the end of the day. If you have been on your feet all day and are suffering from the usual aches and pains of fatigue, then a 20 min session in the foot bath could be just what you need.

Foot spas in KR Puram (Bangalore) come with different features to suit your needs and your pocket, and some will do the job better than others. It is always worth viewing some of the most popular foot baths and reading the customer reviews before purchasing.

To get the full effect of a foot spa, you will need to look at the features and benefits of each machine. Many of the cheaper models will just a have vibration element to them where the water is hydroponically stimulated to massage the skin, whereas the more expensive models may have a mechanical massaging element and heater for the water.

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Pregnancy Massage

Another message type is the Pregnancy Massage that is exclusively the reserve of pregnant women. With a specially-designed table to accommodate a pregnant woman and her pregnancy, the Pregnancy Massage is carried out on a pregnant woman while in the pregnant state or thereafter to cope w with the challenges of pregnancy. The massage can last an hour and is of the greatest benefit as the delivery date is fast approaching.

It has been found that lying on the side is the best massage position for a pregnant woman.

Here are some of the features and benefits to look for:

  1. Is the foot spa heated? This may save time boiling a kettle and allow for precise temperature control.
  2. Is it easy to turn on and off – Can you operate the machine with the touch of a toe.
  3. What are the drain holes like – Is your machine easy to empty once your treatment is completed?
  4. Does it have acupressure roller massagers to revive your tired feet?
  5. Does it have an aqua jet? Although this is maybe more desirable than effective if you can control the jets it maybe worth having.
  6. Some spas come with an aromatherapy dispenser – this allows you to add essential oils of your choice.
  7. Will it fit your feet? Most foot baths will allow a woman’s foot up to size 13 and the man’s foot of size 12.
  8. Does it have a built-in hood? – This will prevent spillage and splash backs onto your floor.
  9. Is it easy to clean? Are the moving parts easy to remove and clean?
  10. How much water does your foot bath hold? If it is filled with water, it may be too heavy to carry or empty.
  11. Will your foot spa except for salts and soaps? Some foot spas will clog up if salts and soaps are used, or their mechanical parts make corrode.
  12. Are any pedicure attachments flimsy or unnecessary?
  13. How much noise as the machine produce when working under load? – this could spoil the relaxing effect.
  14. Is it suitable for people with diabetes and people with circuitry disorders? Some foot spas and baths have a warning on them about people with certain medical conditions.
  15. What is the warranty like? – Some manufacturers are very specific about what their warranties will and will not cover, so make sure you use your machine by their instructions.

These are just some things you need to consider when buying your foot spa, but don’t let a lack of features put you off of using one – they can be very therapeutic.

So In Summary

  • The Good – Great affordable way to relax in the comfort of your home.
  • The not so good – You may end up paying for features you don’t need or use.

I hope you found this foot spa buying guide of use. If you would like more information or view some foot spas, we have a selection of the most popular foot spas in bangalore.

Contact us for more details.

One of the Customer Testimonial about our Spa:

Here is my personal experience with Spa & massage In Brigade Road, Kindly read the article to get to know why you should visit this five star massage professionals.

The last month was especially stressful, what with having the closing and several new accounts in my kitty. A couple of my team members had flown the roost, for better options and we have been unable to find people suitable for those high end positions yet.

And so I ended up carrying the slack, and I cannot tell you how exhausted I was. I just needed a few days of relaxation, along with a good dose of pampering and rejuvenation. Taking a few days off was out of the question, so I decided on a weekend of pampering.

I booked for myself, a Spa & massage In Brigade Road , so that I could finally put my feet up, and feel renewed to face the coming week, which was going to be full of interviews and work, more work! I booked a session at the spa of a five star Spa & massage In Brigade Road.

And I was not disappointed! What a luxurious setting, and such state of the art amenities. It was one of the most well-equipped spas that I had ever seen in my life. I couldn’t believe I had never been here before, although I regularly go for a Spa Massage in Bangalore.

The staff seemed very prompt and courteous, and as soon as they had confirmed my appointment, I was ushered into the waiting room. I had barely sat down into the plush lounge chairs for a moment that I was called into the massage room. They gave me a huge range of body massages, body scrubs, face scrubs, body wraps, Ayurveda therapies, and international treatments to choose from.

Since I looked confused, they helped me by telling me what sort of treatments I should go for. I obviously wanted to feel relaxed, so I chose an ayurvedic treatment, and a body scrub. I thought I might go for a pedicure and manicure later.

I went for the body scrub first, and they used several ointments and gels to rid my skin of toxins and the dead, crusty outer layer.

After they had finished, I felt great, and my skin felt new and sort of baby soft! Imagine that! After that, I was led towards my Ayurvedic treatment area, and the expert masseurs there knew exactly which muscles to knead and which nerves to press.

I could feel the tension and stress leave my body. What a way to relax! No wonder this place is considered as the best Body spa in Bangalore. I want to come back again and again.